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Monday, July 13, 2015

New Update

Hello Br8ker users of the world, we are writing to inform you that the app has been updated. The Radio is crisp, the replays (playbacks) are functioning well and the private channel for you and your friends, your Neighborhood Watch etcetera...are just waiting to be claimed.

You will also find that the update allows the Br8ker App to work perfectly with your hands-free device.

We are not done, the next update will bring more improvements until we have met our users' expectations.

So if you have the app sitting dormant on your phone, tried it and deleted it or whatever the case may be, please give us another attempt at winning you back. 

Find someone to talk to now on the Br8ker App and as always; drive safely.

Br8ker Team.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bugs Bugs and More Bugs

It seems lately that we have been infested and have called in our Bug Exterminator (programmers) to go after them for the kill.

The first bug is annoying and is defeating the purpose, a lot of people are reporting issues with the 'Listen in the Background' feature. It seems when your phone sleeps the feature does too. I have some advice for this Make sure that in the app settings and your phone settings you have listen in background turned on. In the app you will find this option by tapping the 'Channel Details' tab. On your phone go to settings, tap on the Br8ker app and make sure 'Background App Refresh' is on. You may want to change your sleep settings to 'never' for now as well.

We have also had reports of profile pics not appearing right away. Try deleting the app and downloading it again, none of your information already entered on your profile will disappear, it will still be there and hopefully your profile picture will be there too.

Please bear with us, we are learning as we go, this is our first app and we will get it right. We also have other features we plan to introduce though we are not at liberty to elaborate about that in this post. Hang in there.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let's Start The Conversation

Br8ker 2.0 has launched...Click Here to read about it.

We have noticed that people download the App and go to channels to listen to other 21st Century CB users, hear nothing and then log off.

Well, a better approach would be for you to have other friends download the App, start a channel and then start chatting, you will see other people join the conversation from there.

We built it, people are coming, but they are not doing the 'work' in 'netWORKing,' add friends and make friends, it's a two-way street.

This is just the beginning, we are working on the Android platform so that you will have even more friends to make and add as some of your friends may own a phone with the Android platform, we know that not everyone uses iphones.

We are also working on building into a Social Networking website so when you sign up for the App you are automatically given a profile on, this way you will have much more socializing options and you can take the friends you make on the road; offroad as well.

You are at the ground level, this Social Networking platform will grow, you can be a part off that by communicating with other users, go to channels and just start talking, start the conversation!

You will be rewarded with a new way to make much more new friends who share your same interests, that is our promise to you but you have to help us by being more active on the App.

Start the conversation.

Monday, September 2, 2013

"And so the wheels turn, ever so slowly, in which direction I cannot discern."

Br8ker users of the world I am writing to let you know that although things are moving slowly, behind the scenes, we are working like coal miners who aren't too sure the mine isn't going to collapse on them at any given moment.

A lot of upgrades and ideas are in the creative and programming 'works,' we are of course simply a work in progress, but we are making said progress albeit slow, we are forging ahead.

We are putting together creative ad campaigns and we will be at next years CES Convention in Las Vegas promoting the Br8ker APP (we won't be at a table rather we will be walking around), please stop us to say "hi" if you spot us and you are a user, and as always, any feedback you may have is always welcome, in any form.

I know that you can't see it, I know as a user of the APP that you don't see the workload we bear on the back end and that's the way it is supposed to be, you just enjoy the APP, let us worry about all of the other crap.

Progress can be made, slowly but at least we are making progress, and I think one day we will turn to each other and want to slow things down a bit, or not, we'll see.

Hang in there and we promise you an APP experience comparable to none other in existence.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Keeping Our Users Informed.

Hello Br8ker users out there, in an effort to keep our users updated we will be doing so via this blog, Facebook and our website.

Currently we have thousands of users worldwide, bugs for the iphone 4 version have been worked out and any new issues will quickly be patched. The iphone 5 platform is our primary focus right now. We will let you know when the APP is fully functioning on iphone 5.

We have a chatroom for Br8ker users to communicate with each other if they wish to, the address is Br8ker Chat

We also have a Youtube page setup and the address for that is Youtube Page.

Future projects:

Getting Br8ker on the Android platform.

Customized Br8ker decals for your vehicle.

And much much more......stay tuned....