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Monday, June 3, 2013

Keeping Our Users Informed.

Hello Br8ker users out there, in an effort to keep our users updated we will be doing so via this blog, Facebook and our website.

Currently we have thousands of users worldwide, bugs for the iphone 4 version have been worked out and any new issues will quickly be patched. The iphone 5 platform is our primary focus right now. We will let you know when the APP is fully functioning on iphone 5.

We have a chatroom for Br8ker users to communicate with each other if they wish to, the address is Br8ker Chat

We also have a Youtube page setup and the address for that is Youtube Page.

Future projects:

Getting Br8ker on the Android platform.

Customized Br8ker decals for your vehicle.

And much much more......stay tuned.... 

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