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Monday, September 2, 2013

"And so the wheels turn, ever so slowly, in which direction I cannot discern."

Br8ker users of the world I am writing to let you know that although things are moving slowly, behind the scenes, we are working like coal miners who aren't too sure the mine isn't going to collapse on them at any given moment.

A lot of upgrades and ideas are in the creative and programming 'works,' we are of course simply a work in progress, but we are making said progress albeit slow, we are forging ahead.

We are putting together creative ad campaigns and we will be at next years CES Convention in Las Vegas promoting the Br8ker APP (we won't be at a table rather we will be walking around), please stop us to say "hi" if you spot us and you are a user, and as always, any feedback you may have is always welcome, in any form.

I know that you can't see it, I know as a user of the APP that you don't see the workload we bear on the back end and that's the way it is supposed to be, you just enjoy the APP, let us worry about all of the other crap.

Progress can be made, slowly but at least we are making progress, and I think one day we will turn to each other and want to slow things down a bit, or not, we'll see.

Hang in there and we promise you an APP experience comparable to none other in existence.

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