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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let's Start The Conversation

Br8ker 2.0 has launched...Click Here to read about it.

We have noticed that people download the App and go to channels to listen to other 21st Century CB users, hear nothing and then log off.

Well, a better approach would be for you to have other friends download the App, start a channel and then start chatting, you will see other people join the conversation from there.

We built it, people are coming, but they are not doing the 'work' in 'netWORKing,' add friends and make friends, it's a two-way street.

This is just the beginning, we are working on the Android platform so that you will have even more friends to make and add as some of your friends may own a phone with the Android platform, we know that not everyone uses iphones.

We are also working on building into a Social Networking website so when you sign up for the App you are automatically given a profile on, this way you will have much more socializing options and you can take the friends you make on the road; offroad as well.

You are at the ground level, this Social Networking platform will grow, you can be a part off that by communicating with other users, go to channels and just start talking, start the conversation!

You will be rewarded with a new way to make much more new friends who share your same interests, that is our promise to you but you have to help us by being more active on the App.

Start the conversation.

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